Matthew Allaria Ministries

I’m learning so much from this series (Freedom From Fear).  I’m also using it in my Sunday School Bible Class knowing that it will help others get free too.  Thank You.  -  Cecil, Wisconsin

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Earlier this year, I was experiencing some financial difficulties and I did a search on the Internet for financial prayers. I came across your website and I viewed all the items under the study center. I printed out the faith confessions and study notes and I have been reading them as often as I can. As a result, my faith has increased and my life has changed. Out of all the websites out there, I clicked on your link, not by accident, but for a divine reason and purpose.  I thank GOD for this ministry that teaches GOD's word uncompromisingly and with boldness. YES, I want to be a partner!  -  Germantown, Tennessee

Thank you for your online messages available in the Study Center.  I’ve been listening to them for about a year and they have been some of the timeliest and profound messages I have studied.  Some I have listened to over 10 times just to get it down in my spirit.  - Midwest City, Oklahoma

I just wanted to send you a little encouragement and let you know I am enjoying your audio teachings and learning a lot.  I happened to come across your website through a search on a religious topic.  God bless and if I never meet you on this side of Heaven, I look forward to seeing you on the streets of Heaven where we will have plenty of time to share then!  - Virginia

I would like to thank you for your teaching on The Power of Your Words.  It ministered to me greatly.  These teachings are anointed and are making a difference in people's  lives.  -  Midwest City, Oklahoma

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I just wanted to tell you how great your website is.  Thanks for teaching me about fear and character.  It’s going to change how I live and how I treat people.  -  Edwardsville, IL

I “accidently” just found you on the web. Your ministry is awesome!!! My husband and I are now putting to use the steps you put on your audio teachings. Its manifestation time in the Body of Christ. God’s blessings on your family and ministry.  -  New York

Thank you for your help with the Word of God.  I found your website this morning.  God told me to go online and look under Faith Words and of course your Website is one of the first ones to pop up.  I read and was fed.  In other words your ministry confirms not only my beliefs but confirms God's active Words in my life.  Thanks, Again.  -  Washington D.C.

In searching for info on Jesus breaking the curse of the law by becoming a curse - poverty, sickness, and death, I found your website.  My husband and I are born-again Christians now for 33 years.  Finding your site was definitely a Godincidence! Praise You Lord, Jesus! - North Ft. Myers, Florida 

Your ministry website contents have really built up our spirits and our faith in the Lord.  -  Bungoma, Kenya, Africa

I have been overwhelmed with your teaching and it’s my desire to be a part of your ministry.  You have really blessed us so much with your teachings on your website.  -  Kenya, Africa


Working with your ministry produces total change, growth, and development with a deep sense of understanding.  - Harvest Ministry, Kenya

I thank God what your ministry is doing for His people.  -  Kenya, Africa

I must thank God to have come a cross your web site some months ago. First, I am a Pastor in Kenya. I am married and blessed with a very wonderful family.  I am sorry to regret after a long time that I had been lost and had lost many into traditions and not the will of God until I came a cross your teachings. God bless you and sustain you eternally – Kenya, Africa

When I visited your website it was transforming, inspirational, and edifying.  -  Kenya Africa

God bless you.  I like your teaching on the anointing.  It is powerful.  Your ministry is a great blessing.  - Kenya, Africa

I have visited your website and have been blessed.  -  Kampala, Uganda, Africa

I have been so blessed by your site.  One day I was depressed and I just went to the Internet and searched “Faith.”  I landed on Matthew Allaria Ministries.  I was so blessed, my faith was increased, and I actually started encouraging some one else.  From that day I love the website and would like to be a partner.  - Kampala, Uganda, Africa

Thank you for your website.  We have been encouraged with your wonderful message.  -  Kisii, Kenya, Africa