Matthew Allaria Ministries

Matthew Allaria is the founder of Matthew Allaria Ministries.  In the early morning hours of November 7, 2003, Matthew received the call to the ministry and shortly after that he enrolled in Jerry Savelle Ministries School of Ministry.  On April 1, 2004, Matthew received his first invitation to preach at a church in Southern Illinois.  In September of 2004, Matthew began having Victory Meetings where he preached the Word of God. For a little over two years Matthew preached two times a week, while finishing his college education, going to Bible school, and working at a golf course as an assistant golf professional.  Since then Matthew has committed himself to the call of God on his life.  He has been gifted and anointed to teach people the Word of God.  On March 14, 2007, he launched out into full-time ministry. Matthew has a worldwide mission to teach people the Word of God. He has a great passion for the Word of God and a strong desire to see people experience God’s best in their lives.  Matthew graduated from Jerry Savelle Ministries School of Ministry in April 2007.  In February 2008, he became a licensed minister through Heritage Of Faith Christian Center in Crowley, Texas.  Matthew currently hosts weekly Victory Meetings, and he also preaches at other churches as he receives invitations to do so.  Matthew resides in Edwardsville, IL with his wife Amber and daughter Grace.